Arizona Cosmetic Dentist

Looking to improve your smile but not sure of where to start? Fighting the desert heat might be hard but finding a qualified cosmetic dentist in Arizona is easy. Dr. Croft, located in Scottsdale, serves all residents of Arizona and is dedicated to his skill and patients. Serving the Scottsdale dental community for over 37 years, Dr. Croft specializes in cosmetic dentistry procedures including tooth whitening, dental implants, and dentures. He is a trusted and well-respected Scottsdale cosmetic dentist and his patients enjoy the confidence and improved health they experience with their new smiles.

Cosmetic dentistry has become huge in Arizona, and people have found that fixing and brightening their teeth not only changes their smiles, but changes their attitudes as well. Dr. Croft also offers neuromuscular dentistry options, helping those with TMJ or other jaw related conditions. As an Arizona cosmetic dentist, Dr. Croft recognizes the value and importance that Arizona residents put on their physical appearance. His goal is to help restore and reconstruct your teeth, giving you a smile to be proud of. Cosmetic dentistry is reliable and aesthetic and can help you save damaged or chipped teeth, improve the quality of your smile, and help build a positive self-image for yourself.

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