Power Whitening System

A Phoenix tooth whitening patient smiling.At Scottsdale Dental - Smile Designs we have provided smile-whitening for a long time now, using a variety of whitening systems. Like many dentists, Dr. Richard Croft and some patients have been frustrated that some do not achieve the expected results. After significant research, Dr. Croft was introduced to a very effective tooth whitening technique - 'DEEP/WHITENING BLEACHING", the newest and most effective whitening technique our office has experienced. Patients have been more than happy with the results!

The tooth whitening procedure consists of a combination of in-office and at home treatments to get your teeth DAZZLING white! If you have been disappointed with results in the past because of 'fade back', we have found the in-office Deep Bleaching procedure to give the whitest and longest lasting results.

A safe and easy cosmetic procedure, under the supervision of a dentist, whitening your teeth is one of the most affordable and dramatic enhancements a person can do for their smile. Call Scottsdale Dental - Smile Designs for information about our teeth whitening menu options.

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