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Phoenix Magazine featuring Phoenix dentist Dr. Richard CroftWhat can I do to make my smile appear more youthful ?
Phoenix Magazine, Aug
By Dr. Richard J. Croft

In the past decade advances in technology, materials, and techniques in trained, capable hands, have created aesthetic restorations that produce beautiful healthy mouths. As a result, more patients have begun to demand aesthetic dental treatment. The following are some smile enhancing cosmetic procedures available.

A very safe, easy and affordable way to enhance your smile is by whitening your teeth. There are two professional procedures to choose from - the first being custom fitting trays into which a bleaching jell is put. The tray with jell is worn for a specified period depending on strength of the jell & individual needs.

The second is an in-office Power Whitening Procedure. The end results in both cases are a more youthful bright smile.

One of the simplest smile enhancing procedures is re-shaping the front teeth to more pleasing contours. Minimal time is needed and the procedure is very affordable. Another relatively simple procedure in terms of time and investment is adding a material by a process known as "bonding". This can change the shape, color and the size of teeth in a very dramatic way.

Another conservative method of smile enhancement is veneers. A thin covering of porcelain or a composite resin is placed over the face of the tooth achieving cosmetic size, shape and color. These restorations involve more time and expense, but they are stronger and last longer than bonding.

When more extensive cosmetic requirements are needed because of missing, crooked or deeply discolored teeth, full crowns may be the restoration of choice. Crowns are made out of a variety of beautiful porcelain to produce a natural looking, functional tooth.

The above procedures deal only with cosmetic changing of teeth. Unsightly gum tissue can be as much of a problem with smile cosmetics as unsightly teeth. There are a variety of methods used to create a harmonious architecture of gum tissue to frame the new cosmetically improved teeth.


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