Sedation Dentistry

You no longer have to suffer from dental anxiety!

If you have been putting off years of dental work, sedation dentistry will change your life! Sedation dentistry is a technique used to provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience for the millions of intelligent, successful and reasonable people who have put off receiving dental treatment because of fear. At Scottsdale Dental - Smile Designs, Dr. Richard Croft has helped many people who ranged from "mildly afraid to terrified", or simply didn't seem to have time in their busy schedule to get necessary dental treatment done.

You can forget about any negative dental experience you have ever had. Our caring dental team will go out of their way to make your experience pleasant, comfortable and as anxiety free as possible. Another major benefit of using the sedation technique is that people often feel the procedure lasts only a few minutes when in fact, it has taken longer to perform.

Avoiding regular dental treatment often results in neglect of your health and appearance, up to and beyond the point when drastic measures become necessary. Sedation dentistry addresses this phobia. Imagine being able to accomplish all your dental care in as little as one or two relaxing appointments with no more anxiety or discomfort. You no longer have to be afraid of anything when it comes to your dental care!! Now you can enjoy a younger, more vibrant smile, sparkling fresh breath, comfortable chewing and total confidence in your appearance.

Cast aside your dental phobias through Sedation Dentistry at Scottsdale Dental - Smile Designs. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Richard Croft to see if you are a candidate for Sedation Dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry Testimonial

Dear Dr. Croft,

I wanted to write this letter to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the excellent dental care we have received from you and your office during our short time in Scottsdale.

While all of my family are patients of yours, I wanted to tell you personally, that in my case, your care has been outstanding. As you know, I have a severe dental phobia and it takes a great deal to get me to actually follow through with planned procedures and not panic to the point of severe anxiety and difficulty breathing.

Your staff, and you yourself, have helped me every step of the way. While I still have a "dental phobia", my fears are not nearly as debilitating as they used to be before "Croft Care" and the kindness of your office.

Deana and Susan, Amy, Christine and every single one of your staff have bent over backwards to make me feel comfortable and not allow me to experience panic both before and after procedures. Because of my very small size and sensitivities to relaxant drugs - they were not an option for me. Many dentists would refuse to treat someone in my position without those knock out drugs. I remember two sessions in particular. One where I was so petrified that I was about to go into a severe panic attack and Deana sat with me and held my hand, all the while talking calmly to allay my fears.

The second was when we were almost done with the cast models procedure and I panicked and thought I was choking. YOU, Dear Wonderful Dr. Croft, did not allow me to panic, and did not allow me to quit the procedure thus necessitating starting all over. You talked me calmly and very patiently through those remaining minutes. I didn't choke, I didn't die and we persevered. I also did not bite your finger off. So thank you for hanging in there with me!

Care like this is not common. I truly and forever will appreciate the extra efforts that everyone in your office has gone to so that I could complete my needed dental work. I will continue to absolutely and without reservation recommend your office to everyone I know and people I have yet to meet.

Smile Designs Rocks! Thank You Forever,

— Katherine Davis

Our practice is state-of-the-art, innovative and personal. We focus on practicing comprehensive dentistry - which means you will not have to go to three or four doctors for your dentistry.

Our dental team of talented, skilled people are dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients in a gentle and caring way.

"This has been the single most rewarding effort I have ever offered myself and I feel I have received enormous value for what I have spent..."

"We Pamper Every Patient"

"My family and I have been Dr. Croft's patients for over 12 years and would not think of going to anyone else..." -- Elaine from Phoenix, Arizona

"Thank you again for everything. You do great work and I am living proof!"-- Mary from Phoenix, Arizona now living in Pinetop AZ

"Experience, quality, and understanding of what I do for a living, together with costs, were my priorities. Dr. Croft and his team took the time to talk to me on the phone, and seemed sincerely interested in my needs."-- Patricio & Bernessa from San Antonio, TX

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